Kids Spend More Time Watching TV Than Playing Outdoors. These Adventurous Mums Are Trying To Change That…

This film hopes to encourage parents and kids to embrace the wilderness together – but they need your help

Photo: Morgan Brechler

Kids nowadays are spending more time indoors – in front of computer screens – than ever before. It’s sad, isn’t it?

Long gone are the days before computers and iPads when kids actually spent most of their time climbing trees and making mud castles, rather than playing Angry Birds. 

Photo: Born Wild

We now have to make a real effort to bring our kids up to appreciate the wilderness and play in the outdoors.

At the same time obesity rates are increasing and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD, our kid’s connections with the environment around them is dwindling.

Two adventurous female filmmakers have decided to change that.

Photo: Born Wild

They are making a film called Born Wild, which tells the stories of three mothers and their pursuit to bring up their kids to love and enjoy adventures in the great outdoors.

Shot in Utah, Colorado and California, it captures the joys (and struggles) that come with rock climbing, backpacking and night kayaking with a young family.

We interviewed Morgan Brechler – one of the inspirational mamas featured – last month.

The trailer looks awesome – we can’t wait to watch the first episode.

The Kickstarter has just gone live – and they need your help to make this amazing series happen. Click here to support Born Wild.

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New York BMXer David Rodebaugh Passed Away in Summer 2015. He Just Became the Donor For the Most Extensive Full Face Transplant Ever…

David Rodebaugh just gave a burned firefighter a new life…

Earlier this year, the tragic news was announced that New York local and BMXer David Rodebaugh had passed away after a severe head injury.

Rodebaugh was well known for ripping on the bike, winning Red Bull’s Minidrome comp in Brooklyn in 2014, and the BMX world mourned his loss.

But the Rodebaugh story didn’t end there, because even though he passed away last summer, Dave has done an amazing thing – literally giving his face to Patrick Hardison, a firefighter burned on duty in a transplant carried out at the NYU Langone Medical Centre in Manhattan.

Hardison had lived for 14 years without the ability to protect his corneas and protect his vision. The transplant has allowed him to protect his eyes and he’s expected to regain almost full speech and facial control within a year.

The stunning news has gone absolutely viral in the past few days, with NY Mag releasing an in depth story explaining how Hardison was told he only had a 50 percent chance of surviving the procedure.

The face transplant isn’t the first of its kind; that happened back in 2005 in France, but Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, leader of the surgical team on Hardison’s transplant, has said that his has been the most successful so far in terms of transferring extensive amounts of tissue.

“The procurement of the face took approximately 12 hours, the preparation of Patrick’s face took approximately 8 hours,” he told ABC 7. “The face was brought from the donor room to the recipient room. This was a well-synchronized, executed procedure, one that we had rehearsed for so many times.”

The surgery took place on August 14 and lasted a fully 26 hours. While Dr. Rodriguez says that he will need further procedures, he also noted that Hardison is recovering well thus far.

The transplant reached from the top of the firefighter’s head over his skull and down to the collarbones in front, reaching far enough back that only a small amount of Hardison’s hair remains. There are no scars on the newly transferred tissue because the seam of the transplant is down the back of the skull.

Talking about how Dave Rodebaugh was selected as a donar, Helen Irving, CEO of the organ recovery organization “Live on New York” involved, said: “His mother immediately said ‘yes’. There was no hesitation in her mind – you see her son had always wanted to be a fireman.”

In doing so, Dave donated his face to a man who had lost his trying to save others in a burning building. A remarkable story indeed.

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What Food Should You Take Skiing? The Alpine Sandwich Blog Can Help You Out

Move over selfies….There’s a new photo craze sweeping the mountains

The Jake Sandwich (2 peices naan bread. Organic Applewood smoked bacon, spinach, havarti cheese, onion, red pepper) – Photo: / Rory Camm

If there’s one thing we love here at Mpora, it’s the song Angel Witch by the band Angel Witch. However, a close second and third are the mountains and a good sandwich.

So, imagine our joy when we found, a blog dedicated to a couple of slices of bread, some tasty filling, and standing half way up a big hill. Perfection!

The blog asks users to send in their pictures of the sandwiches they take into the mountains with them, with a brief description of where they are and, of course what’s on their sarnie.

The result is a veritable cornucopia of carby, mountainy goodness that makes us want to reach into our screen and take a bite.

The Nasty Neeka (Smoked Gouda, avocado, sprouts and (nasty) spinach dip, on a fresh crusty baguette_ – Photo” / Matt O

Like many of our favourite blogs, the beauty of is that they dont just let any old joker upload some half arsed photo of a BigMac with a tree in the background. Oh no. This is a celebration of the great outdoors combined with the humble sandwich, so there are rules. Rule which include:

  • Your photo should be of the sandwich and the background. If you think that your face should be up on the site you are missing the point here. Feel free to get an arm or hand in there.
  • A wrap is not a sandwich.
  • A sandwich can be open-faced…but you must be specific that this is what you are going after.
  • Ideally your photo should be taken in mountainous terrain.
  • A Lake photo is not mountainous terrain.
  • Do not talk about Alpine Sandwich Club.

Oh, hang on. Not that last one. That’s, err, well… we can’t talk about it.

The site is banger sandwich after banger sandwich, but we’ve selected three of our favourites submitted by readers.

The Summit Sammie Double Whammy

The Summit Sammie Double Whammy – Photo: / Ayla

Snapped on the peaks of Yosemite, this sandwich is a glorious combination of fresh kale and cherry tomatoes hand-picked from a local farm, homemade lemon ginger sauerkraut, cabbage for crunch and colour, with soft and mild port salut cheese spread over a fresh sweet French baguette. Delicious.

The Double Mustard Pastrami Confrontation

Photo: / Thomas M

Devoured near Decker Mountain in Whistler, this mouth-waterer is pastrami laced with a smooth dijon and a delistyle mustard, layered with lettuce, julienned red peppers, and avacado on a portuguese roll.

Phillip Benedict Noisewater. Jr (BPNJ)

Photo: / Fred Agger

An bonafide american classic, this humble peanut butter and jelly (nee: jam) sandwich is shot against the not-so humble backdrop of Mt. Nibblock in Banff, Canada.

Is anybody else hungry?

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13 Essential Truths About Mountain Bike Trail Building… With Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland and the 50:01 Crew

We get down and dirty with Ratboy and 50:01 at Revolution Bike Park, Wales…


Mountain Bikers often forget that the trails they hold so dear have to be built, usually by other mountain bikers.  They have to be thought up, planned out and slaved over until they become the pieces of flowing perfection we all have dreams of.

Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland and the 50to1 crew have embarked on a new signature trail in Revolution Bike Park, nestled in the mountains of North Wales. The trail, when finished, will bring the UK something it has never had before, something that in the past you’d have to fly to mountain bike Meccas such as Whistler BC for. A big, floaty jump track the length of God’s arm.

We spent a fine Welsh Wednesday with the 50to1 crew to find out the truth about all this trail building lark. Here’s the low down…

1) It’s always, always pissing down when you’re building a trail


Wetter than an otters pocket. P: Cal Jelley

2) Required tools for the job include; long shafted shovels, picks, rakes (best tool going) and of course, a bike for testing


Due to the popularity of the rake it is unfortunately missing from this image. P: Cal Jelley

3) Before any work starts, a safety meeting is vital for the welfare of your trail building team


Talking safety. P: Cal Jelley

4) A digger, and someone who knows how to use it, are great additions to the tool belt… and they don’t half get shit done quick


Ratboy doing some solid foremaning. P: Cal Jelley

5) A solid crew of grafters is key to moral and progress, even when hypothermia is setting in


Dave exhibits expert shaft control. P: Cal jelley

6) Tea. You are going to need a lot of it to fuel the troops and keep the unions happy


Sam Dale samples a fresh brew. P: Cal Jelley

7) Shaping and packing of jumps and berms is a long, arduous process, but oh so worth it in the end


Slappin’ the bass. P: Cal Jelley

8) Hours in the rain beating on rock and dirt with shovels is clinically proven to build character


Hit ‘im. P: Cal Jelley

9) Make sure your jumps line up. There is no exact science to this, but standing on landings at a slight angle is an age old technique…


Ratboy eyeing up the line. P: Cal Jelley

10) After hours of graft, it’s time for some guinea pigging. It’s best, when trying out a new jump, to peddle like f**k. Just watch Ratboy in this informative film…


11) Once the days work is done, it’s time to grab the bikes and fire up a session


Loose is jazzed to see the boys ride. P: Cal Jelley

12) It’s a great feeling when your creations work


Ratboy just overshooting the high five. P: Cal Jelley

13) So repeat these steps over and over until your trail is complete. Easy as that…


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